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ALITI Promotes Career Growth
Please Select Your Job-Career Option(s) and Grow with ALITI 

Job Careers, Training and Internships

W​ith ALITI 

ALITI Personnel are Professionals, Multi-National, Multi-Racial and Multi-Cultural drawn from various Countries.

All Staff are Welcome into the ALITI Family and are Encouraged to Thrive and Shine in their Skills Sectors.

Training Services for Staff Development and Improvement are part of ALITI Culture.

New Job Applicants and Placements​

ALITI recruits staff as and when vacancies become available; Submit your updated CV to ALITI to be considered for any available openings.

Internships and Training Services

ALITI welcomes and accepts Interns in all Sectors of ALITI Business and Operations.

Tell ALITI  in which skills sectors you want to be an INTERN and Get Trained

Employed Staff Development

ALITI encourages and allows Internal staff to Develop; ALITI moves and encourages to develop their  skills and Capabilities.
HR will advise staff whenever  opportunities come up.

What ALITI  contacts are saying

I write to thank ALITI for giving me the opportunity to work within the Equipment Installations and Cabling Sector. I thank you for respecting and recognising my skills and capabilities.

Faustino Orena, Technician Mobile Networks

ALITI:-- Staffing and Personnel Support Services-- 

ALITI Encouragement:  Welcome; Join the Team,
                                           Open up ! Release-Display Your Skills, Capabilities and Expertise Today.

Internship and Training Services

Meet ITS Requirements Full 

Prepare the 4 Items Listed Below 

Submit The 4 Items When all are Ready

(1) Request and Fill in 

          ITS Applicant Form 

(2) Prepare a Letter Entitled:  

Areas of Internship or Training Needed

(3) Provide 3 letters of Recommendation

(4)  Prepare Copies of Highest Certificates or Diplomas Earned

Job Applicant Services

Meet JAS Requirements Fully

Prepare the 4 Items Listed Below

Submit The 4 Items When all are Ready

(1) Request and Fill in

 JAS Applicant Placement Form

(2)  Prepare an Updated 


(3) Provide   3  Recommendation Letters

(4)  Prepare  Copies of  Highest 

Cert​certificates or Diplomas Earned

Employed Staff Development Services 

Meet ESDS Requirements Fully

Prepare the 5 Items Listed Below

Submit The 5 Items When all are Ready

(1)  Request and Fill in

 ESDS Applicant Form

(2)   Prepare a Letter Entitled:

 Areas  Needing Kind Attention

( 3)  Prepare A Staff ID Photocopy

( 4) Prepare  A​ Copy of Your Last Appraisal Assessment
(5) Attach any New Certificate(s)

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